Frequently Asked


How does ALLCAPS work?

ALLCAPS combines a passion for sport with support for efforts to make the world a better place. Each cap is combined with a project, campaign or message; each sale generates a 10% donation to the corresponding cause.

How are the Projects selected?

The first projects were chosen based on already known initiatives, but we are happy to receive feedbacks and ideas from our customers and followers. Go to the Contact Us form below and leave your comments.

Who does design the Caps?

Generally the creative part is entrusted to a Graphic Designer, who can change according to the collection or the partnerships. We are delighted to receive feedbacks and ideas on themes that can be used in future collections.

Where are the Caps produced?

We are committed to producing our caps as close as possible to our end customers, for example: the caps that can be purchased in Italy are produced in Italy.

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